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Our Android NoiseBay app is a stripped down version of the NoiseCapture app:
© NoiseCapture
The NoiseCapture app was created and is managed by the two French research institutes CNRS and IFSTTAR in the Noise-Planet community project. The NoiseBay app was created and is managed by the Theoretical Computer Science and Sensor Lab of the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

The app is dedicated to the evaluation of the noise environment. It allows to perform noise measurements and, thus, to give information on noise exposure. Further information can be found in our disclaimer.


  • High noise levels can be harmful or something you want to avoid at certain times. We will create a map that will give an orientation about levels of noise in different areas to the community.
  • We aim at reducing loads imposed on the devices and participants in mobile crowdsensing applications. While creating the noise map, we will test different algorithms to balance loads. Testing results will be made available to the research community and general public to increase awareness and provide advise on how to improve the operation of mobile crowdsensing applications.


  1. After logging in, fill out our form providing approximate non-binding information about areas in the Bay Area that you might cover. This information will not be made public or given to third parties; see our disclaimer.
  2. Download our Android NoiseBay app (a link will be provided after login). Even after installation, you decide if and when to upload anonymous noise level measurements. No personal information will be collected. Only levels of noise, location, and time, no sound recording and no other sender information will be collected at our server at the University of Geneva, Switzerland (see our disclaimer for further information).
  3. There will be different phases of generating noise levels for the map of the Bay Area. In some phases, we will invite you to upload measurements at any time you like and at other phases we will try to balance loads by occasionally sending out emails to ask for measurements based on the information provided at registration. At no time, we will track the data we receive. We will send out emails based on the registration information and the overall quality of results of our noise map. You can change or withdraw your non-public registration information at any time.


You can participate in creating the noise map of the Bay Area without the need to qualify to win our reward! Even a single noise measurement by you is valuable to us! Nevertheless, we are raffling a price of $200 among all participants that satisfy the following points. The price will be awarded at our live demo at Pier 17 on May 18, 2017. Qualifying is easy:

  1. All registered participants, that have collected and submitted (anonymous) noise levels within the Bay Area in the time period from May 1 to May 18, 2017 on at least 5 different days and at least 10 times (with time differences between measurements of at least 30 minutes) qualify to receive the reward.
  2. In order to verify that condition 1. is satisfied, participants must store and present their NoiseBay app's history to our fellow Julia at our live demo at Pier 17 on May 18, 2017. The history will be checked personally and visually, no information is copied or stored. In the history, locations are obscured.
  3. Furthermore, in order to qualify to receive the award, participants must have filled out our brief questionnaire - rating our crowdsensing application. The questionnaire will be made available in the user area from Tuesday May 16 to Wednesday May 17, 2017.
Only participants that have filled out our questionnaire, that are present at our live demo, and whose history has been verified to comply with 1., qualify to receive the reward.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.