Competing Crowds Balancing Loads in Crowdsensing Applications.

Noise Map of the Bay Area


Creating a Noise Map of the Bay Area using Load Balanced Data Collection.

Infoscope and Elargis tes Horizons

Infoscope and Elargis tes Horizons

Creating a Noise Map via Collaborative Competition.

Vivo platform

Vivo's NoiseBay

Optimized Task Allocation in the Vivo Crowdsensing Platform.

About Us

We are scientists of the TCS Sensor Lab at the Centre Universitaire d'Informatique of the University of Geneva in Switzerland. The Competing Crowds project is part of the program University of Geneva Digital Fellows @swissnex San Francisco and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) - CRSII2-154458 SwissSenseSynergy project.

What We Do

Smart phone sensors give power to the people when used wisely. We explore load reducing data collection approaches and consider privacy as highest good. Our focus are smartphone applications that involve mobile crowds that gather information for the community.

Check out our recently conducted real-world application in California.